Another Good Reason to Take Calcium Citrate

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Many of our patients are being treated for osteoporosis and for a thyroid problem by their physician. Treatment with thyroid replacement medication is very common. When taken together, Calcium Carbonate absorbs the thyroid medication and does not all it to be absorbed and used by the body. Therefore, you are getting much less thyroid medication than what you believed.

Many of the medications taken by post menopausal women for the prevention or therapy of osteoporosis contain Calcium Carbonate.

A study was completed and published recently indicating these facts. The study was completed in June, 1999 in Los Angeles.

Levo Thyroxine is the medical name for the thyroid replacement therapy medications. Their trade names are Levothyroid, Levoxyl, and Synthroid.

From the conclusions of the study, it would be advisable to significantly separate the time of ingestion of the Calcium Carbonate and the thyroid replacement medication (Levo Thyroxin) or to take another calcium preparation other than Calcium Carbonate.

This would be another good reason to strongly consider taking Calcium Citrate, the benefits of which have been pointed out in another article in the ONLINE ORTHOPAEDICS library.

The largest group of patients taking thyroid replacement medication is post menopausal women. The largest group taking calcium preparations for osteoporosis is also post menopausal women.

It is very important that these women be aware of the interference of Calcium Carbonate in the absorption of thyroid replacement medications. It seems to us that the simplest way to prevent this would be to take a different calcium preparation such as Calcium Citrate and not need to be concerned about whether they are taken together.