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In order to keep all of his patients and email subscribers as up to date as possible with Orthopaedic news and information, Dr. Haverbush would like to distribute the following list of medical articles. These articles have recently been added to the AAOS patient/public information web site ("Your Orthopaedic Connection"). Be sure to visit our "Links" page for additional web sites that may help you gain additional knowledge about Orthopaedic conditions and treatments.

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About Orthopaedics
     Bone lengthening
      Fracture of the pelvis
      Limb length discrepancy
      Osteogenesis imperfecta
      Pagetís disease of bone
      What can you tell me about bone and tissue transplantation?

      Erbís palsy (brachial plexus injury)

      Lisfranc (midfoot) fracture

      Arthritis of the hand
      Kienbockís disease
      Restoring hand function after spinal cord injury

      Osteonecrosis of the knee

      Cerebral palsy

      Muscle contusion (bruise)
      Sports nutrition

      Commonly used herb supplements, potential hazards