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What is the Bone and Joint Decade?

Bone and Joint Decade, 2002-USA-2011 is part of a worldwide bone and joint decade initiative. The USA is part of this initiative in which patient, physician health care organizations, government agencies and industry have come together to improve the prevention and treatment of bone and joint disorders and to improve the quality of life of those affected by them.

The goal is increased awareness, practical information and innovative research.

Why do we need this?

One in seven Americans is affected by a bone and joint disorder. Bone and joint disorders such as back pain and arthritis are a major source of lost work time and expense. It is the #1 reason why people visit their doctor.

For the 35 million Americans whose movement is restricted by a musculoskeletal disorder there are great challenges. It might be a broken bone, hip fracture, arthritis, or sports trauma. Life can only be fully appreciated when the bones and joints in the body are strong and flexible and move smoothly.

Musculoskeletal disease in the USA costs 254 billion dollars a year to treat and the figure is rising steadily.

That is where the Bone and Joint Decade comes in. Its aim over the next 10 years is to help Americans keep their bone and joints healthy throughout their lives.

As an Orthopaedic Surgeon in clinical practice who takes care of all of these problems on a daily basis I am an active participant in what the United States Bone and Joint Decade is trying to accomplish. I am doing this not only in my daily clinical practice of orthopaedic medicine and surgery, but also through the On-Line Orthopaedic Web site.

Much more information can be obtained by accessing the United States Bone and Joint Decade web site at www.boneandjointdecade.org/usa.

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Dr. Haverbush has created many new medical articles that have added to the Online Orthopaedics web site. The following articles may be of interest to those of you concerned about joint replacement procedures.


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