What's New and Noteworthy


A recent consultant's study indicated that medical liability tort costs are increasing at an average of 12% per year and that medical liability litigation cost Americans $85 per person last year.

The cost to the United States economy as a whole was $25 billion.


A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association had important information regarding seat belt usage.

Is there anyone in the country, who is not aware that the use of seat belts saves lives? The problem is that frequently the driver is wearing a seat belt and someone else in the vehicle is not wearing a seat belt.

The study indicated that a review of US car crashes from 1988 to 2000 showed a 20% increase in the death rate for drivers wearing seat belts when someone else in the vehicle is not wearing a seat belt and a crash occurs. The unbelted occupant causing the increased death risk could be sitting behind or next to the belted driver.

This scientific study shows that even if you are wearing your seat belt, someone else could cause your death if they are not wearing their seat belt.

It appears that all of us must be much more adamant about everyone in the vehicle wearing a seat belt.