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Eating Fresh Cherries May Help Fight Arthritis

A controlled experiment with healthy volunteers was published recently in the Journal of Nutrition showed that natural compounds in cherries may reduce arthritis inflammation. 45 volunteers ate pitted cherries for breakfast and were not allowed to eat other foods, which were known to be high in anti-oxidants. This could have interfered with the ability to determine the specific effects of the cherry anti-oxidants.

The volunteer's level of plasma urate was closely measured as was the amount of urate in the urine. It was noted that the plasma level of urate decreased and the amount of urate removed from the body in urine increased over five hours after eating the cherries. Other indicators of inflammation such as C-reactive protein and additional markers were studied and similar results were found.

This is another example of how beneficial our diet can be in lessening the effects of inflammation and arthritis in the body.