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Epidural Injections Unproven

Scientific studies have not proven the value of epidural steroid injections in the treatment of back and leg pain.

Epidural injection therapy has not yet been shown to be effective nor has it been shown to be ineffective.

Randomized control studies have not found convincing evidence that epidural steroid injections provide predictable relief for sciatica and/or back pain.

We do not have randomized controlled trials especially placebo controlled trials of adequate size involving homogeneous groups of patients.

While I do not personally do epidural steroid injections, I have been impressed by two things.

A large number of patients are not benefited by the injections and those who are have not obtained very long lasting relief.

It is rare in my experience to encounter a patient who has significant back and leg pain and has been relieved of this indefinitely by epidural steroid injections.

In my experience with patients in my own practice relief is either not obtained or is very temporary.