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Blood Thinners

We have noticed in our practice over many years that more and more patients seem to be on blood thinners, which are given for a large variety of medical reasons.

The most popular one that patients are taking is called Coumadin. The generic name of Coumadin is Warfarin.

It has been known for a long time that a patientís reaction to Coumadin is highly individual and doses can vary greatly from one patient to another. Also vexing is the aspect that other medications affect Coumadin. Sometimes with no apparent cause the patientís blood will become very thin, significantly increasing the chance for bleeding.

It has been more recently noted that an individualís genetic makeup can significantly influence response to the drug.

There is a test, which will identify common genetic variations that affect the risk of using Coumadin.

This could be very helpful to doctors in keeping patients out of trouble who are taking blood thinners which are known medically as anticoagulants.