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Medical School Debt

I read an authoritative source recently that was a comment on medical school education. The study indicated that the average cost of medical school in 2008 was $63,000 per year.

What family outside of the very wealthy could possibly dream of paying for this expense of medical education.

My medical education occurred at the University of Michigan during a different era of course. At that time my working parents were able to completely pay for the cost of my education in college and through medical school at the University of Michigan.

In this day and age that would be absolutely impossible.

I also learned from the source that I was reading that the debt of the average medical student is over $200,000 after 4 years of education.

Further information indicated that 38% of medical students were clinically depressed.

The conclusion of the article that I was reading asked the question “Why would anyone at this time choose to go into medicine?”

I didn’t write this to provide any editorial comments, but only to make you aware of the present situation.