Wrist Fracture In Women Should Be Followed By Bone Density Testing

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A very large recent study covering 22 states demonstrated that only 21% of women over 55 years old who had sustained a wrist fracture, underwent subsequent bone density scan and evaluation for osteoporosis.

The outcome of the study was that post menopausal women with a wrist fracture should unquestionably be tested for osteoporosis because these women have decreased bone density and nearly twice the risk of hip fracture compared with other women.

To study the results further, actually only 2.7% of women in the study underwent a bone density scan and 19.8% were treated with medication for osteoporosis.

This was part of a three year study of post menopausal women with distal radius fractures.

The findings of the study are highly important because treatment of women with established osteoporosis can in most cases decrease their incidence of future fractures.